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How often can I use the body scrub?

You can use Bare exfoliating body scrub 1-2x a week.

Is it safe to use during pregnancy and lactation?

Yes! Salt scrubs are safe to use during pregnancy because the skin does not absorb salt and does not affect your baby’s health.

Can I use Bare on my tattoo?

We don't recommend using the body scrub on freshly inked skin. Please wait until the area has completely healed before scrubbing.


How often can I use this bleaching cream?

You can use it daily. We recommend using it at night so the skin can absorb the product properly.

I’m pregnant. Can I use it?

Unfortunately, pregnant women or nursing mothers cannot use the bleaching cream.

Is Snow Some Skin safe?

Yes! It doesn't contain mercury or hydroquinone.

Can I use it if I have psoriasis or eczema?

We highly recommend asking for your doctor's approval before using the product.

Can I use it if I have sensitive skin? How about my underarms and intimate areas?

Yes, you can use it all over your body including the inner thighs, underarms, and butt.